18 de agosto de 2017

CJM, VASAI, Pune, India

To make aware of the problem of Global warming, a tree plantation drive was organised in the school premises.

The students held a rally around our school premises and a cleanliness drive in the campus.

16 de agosto de 2017

Annual Day 2017 - PASHAM, Pune, India

The Annual Day was held on 4th Aug. 2017.
The inaugural prayer dance set the mood for the program by transporting the audience into a receptive mode.
The  theme was the musical “Annie”.

It portrayed the emotions of Love and Humanity very strongly.
It brought live into the life of a person who was hard hearted and money minded.
The soul rending choir added life to the 700 strong participant event.
The backdrop turned the stage into a reality.

It moved people to tears while awakening them to the reality that Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation was the sole ingredient that helps sanity and humanity  to garnish the otherwise cold world.

St.Joseph High School, Pashan, Pune

8 de agosto de 2017

Convent of Jesus and Mary School (Junior Section), Karachi, Pakistan

Priority 3 :

Living a  life committed to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation

"The ecology crisis is a moral issue ... respect for life and for the dignity of the human person extends also to the rest of creation.”
Message of Pope John Paul II for the Day of Peace, 1990

We look with anguish on the violence and lack of peace in our world, the abuse of the earth and her resources, all signs of the breakdown of right relationship with God, with others, with creation and with ourselves. The need to heal this brokenness impels us to work for the restoration of the harmony and mutual care that we know to be God’s own desire for the world.

7 de agosto de 2017

Earth Day Celebrated, Convent of Jesus and Mary School, Toba Tek Singh School, Pakistan

With regard to the International Earth Day and in keeping with our 3rd priority the Convent of Jesus and Mary School Toba Tek Singh dedicated a week to give their students awareness of the Vitol role Mother Earth plays in our daily lives, and in turn how should we look after it - by keeping it clean, safe and living in peace and harmony with each other and creation. Every day a few students gave short but very practical and informative messages about Mother Earth – “Our Common Home”. Some of the classes presented beautiful tableaus to enable children to comprehend the importance of each one’s role in making our Mother Earth a better place for everyone to live a happy and comfortable life. They also emphasized a responsible and careful use of natural resources e.g. water, gas and electricity and many more daily used items in every family, institution and everywhere in the society. “We should protect our Mother Earth by not cutting the trees but planting more and more trees, trying to keep our environment clean, helping the animals and teaching other people the invaluable treasure the Mother Earth is for us all” A Student Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his message: “A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people”. Moreover, the school offered monthly Mass based on this very fundamental part of our daily life – Mother Earth. Prior to the last blessing during the Holy Mass Class V presented a tableau on a Urdu hymn – Chay Din may Khuda Nay Zameen (in six days God created Heaven and Earth). 

6 de agosto de 2017

EARTH DAY - Convent of Jesus and Mary Matric School - KARACHI, Pakistan

The Earth Day was celebrated in our school on April, 22nd, 2017. The students of Convent of Jesus and Mary Matric Cantt celebrated this day with great interest and enthusiasm. They prepared few speeches, songs and other items.
The program started with a speech delivered by the head girl Melina Francis in which she explained to the students how earth can be saved from global warning and highlighted several environmental issues.
The next item was performed by the little angels of classes I,II and III. They performed beautifully on a song “If you look around”. It was lively and energetic performance and everybody enjoyed it.
After a poem the student of class VI Priya delivered a speech, it was an informative speech about how we can keep our planet clean.
Then came the turn of the students of classes IV& V. they mesmerized us with a beautiful hymn “Creation of the World”. It was a colourful performance in which they focused on nature.They were dressed up very beautiful.
The next item was a speech delivered by the student of class X Jaweria Patras. After a speech, the students of class VII performed on song “Earth we are in it together”. It was a graceful and well coordinated dance.
Then the students of class VIII performed on a moralistic skit followed with a song “Go Green”. In this skit act of ours can bring a huge change and for this we all can work together to keep our school clean and green.
The next turn was of class IX students. It was a mine performance on “How to Save Water” without using words, with their expressions and emotions they informed us how we can save water. They truly showed us that actions speak louder than words.
Last but not the least the students of class X showed us an amazing performance on song “SohniDharti” all the students enjoyed the song  and joined them in singing.

The program ended with a speech delivered by our school Headmistress Sr. Bernadette in which she gave the message to the students that they are the caretakers and they can work in harmony to keep our plant healthy.

4 de agosto de 2017

Agosto 2017: Intenciones del Papa

August 2017. The Pope Video: The arts and nature express the beauty of creation and bring joy to the soul. Let us join the Pope in praying for artists, so that with their creativity, they continue showing us the greatness of God.

Agosto 2017. El Video del Papa: El arte y la naturaleza expresan la belleza de la creación y nos alegran el alma. Pidamos con el Papa por los artistas, para que con su creatividad nos sigan mostrando la grandeza de Dios.

Août 2017. La Vidéo du Pape : l'art et la nature expriment la beauté de la Création et réjouissent notre âme. Prions avec le Pape pour les artistes, pour qu'avec leur puissance créatrice, ils continuent à nous montrer la grandeur de Dieu.

Agosto 2017. Il Video del Papa: L'arte e la natura esprimono la bellezza della creazione e ci rallegrano l'anima. Preghiamo con il Papa per gli artisti, perché con la loro creatività continuino a mostrare la grandezza di Dio.

WATER DAY celebration 2017 - SHADBAGH - Pakistan

3 de agosto de 2017

WATER DAY CELEBRATION – 2017 Convent of Jesus and Mary, MURREE, Pakistan

International Water Day was celebrated on 22nd of March,2017 in the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Murree.  The hall was beautifully decorated according to the theme.  English and Urdu speeches were read.  Children of Classes 3, 4, and 5 performed to Water Day songs.  This year a power point was shown to the children as a means to teach them how to conserve water and to avoid severe water shortages in the future.  It was very beneficial to the students as well as the teachers.

2 de agosto de 2017

EARTH DAY CELEBRATION – 2017 Convent of Jesus and Mary, MURREE, Pakistan

Earth Day was celebrated on Friday, 21st April, 2017 in the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Murree.  The stage had a huge blue semicircle backdrop with the word “Earth” written on it.  Images of the earth adorned the stage.  After the English and Urdu speeches, each presented the item they had prepared which comprised of songs and tableaux.  An Urdu play on Earth Day was a special item. This was followed by a multimedia presentation on Earth Day.  The students were given examples of how to save Mother Earth e.g. by planting trees, avoiding traffic and water pollution, recycling plastic, and not throwing litter on the ground.
The students of the Senior School presented a colourfulprogramme which began with a speech in English followed by a multimedia presentation entitled “Voices of the Earth” by the students of Class 10.  The other performances included tableaux, poems, plays and quotations each of these emphasizing the importance of saving Mother Earth from environmental issues.

The enthusiasm of the students and the teachers was obvious as each class came on stage for their performance.  The message of this event was to create in the students awareness of the issues facing our environment, and this was conveyed in a very positive way.

1 de agosto de 2017

The tree plantation - Convent of Jesus and Mary Mariakhel - Pakistan

The Caritas team came to our village Mariakhel to plant new trees in the Church as well as in our school and gave many trees to the families present in the Church. They also came to our school to plant the trees. Rev.Fr.Fabian Paul & Fr.Rizwan Anthony also came with them. The sisters, teaching staff, children and the domestic staff gave them a great welcome. They explained to the children the values of planting the trees. All the sisters, teachers and the students of our school planted the trees in different areas of the school .It was very encouraging to see the excitement of the children while planting the trees. They also watered all the trees in the school. The team gave a plant to each child to plant in their own houses and told them to look after the trees in their surroundings. They gave very informative and revitalizing session to the students and all those present there on the awarance of the Vitol role the trees play in our life. Thus it is our duty and responsibility to look after them.Here are some of the glimpses of that day. Thank you and God bless you all.